Deceased Estates- What to do when someone dies

Feb 6, 2024 | Deceased Estate

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is an exhausting time. When you also have the task of a deceased estate house clearing then it can be particularly arduous.

The important thing is to realise that the project has emotional and functional elements.

Sorting through the processions and coming to terms with memories that unfold is an emotional process. Preparing the property for sale or rental is a functional process. Each must be thought through for a successful outcome.

Deceased Estate House Clearing

Deceased Estate House Clearing – Deceased Estate Rubbish Removals.

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1 Create a Deceased Estate House Clearing Plan

Do not go into this with your eyes shut and think it can be done in an afternoon. To get the best result and best emotional experience you need to plan.

  • Set a date that you want the project cleared by. This might be around a property sale date, start of a renovation date, move in date….
  • If there are more beneficiaries, then get them involved and part of the process.
  • If items have been bequeathed, then set a date for them to be collected.
  • Create a date for everyone to go through items that they would like to keep.

All family members will have their own memories and emotions so encourage everyone to take part as part of the bereavement process.

2 Sort the Wanted and Unwanted

Once bequeathed items have been claimed then you will need to sort through the remaining items. The next of kin should sort the items they want to keep. Then let any other beneficiaries have a sort through too. Don’t be too quick to get rid of “junk” and try our declutter tips to help you .

Our 30 years of house clearing experience tells us that everyone’s wanted and unwanted pile will be different and that given a bit of time the unwanted and wanted piles will change from one day to the next. What you thought one day is in your junk pile can become a wanted item on another day as your memories and emotions come to terms with the process. Take your time.

3 Sale, Auction, Charity

Having created an unwanted pile there will be items that still have a value. You may decide to sell these items or donate them to charity.

We advise that you always use independent methods to sell unwanted items. We decided years ago that we would never purchase items from clients as there is a possible conflict of interest. You should get the best value for your items through independent means like selling online or through an auction or getting a valuer to look through the items.

If you feel a rubbish removal company is behaving like bees around a honeypot trying to buy your items or offsetting items against the fees, then get an independent valuation. Don’t be pressured.

4 Use a Professional Company

When there is a lot to clear, use a professional company with a trusted reputation. Be sure to check them out and ask questions so you feel comfortable in your choice. You shouldn’t feel pressured in anyway.

A professional team like Jacks will deal with the removal of the unwanted items efficiently and dispose of them responsibly. They will deliver items to a charity of your choice or dispose at the local council tip and recycle as much as possible. You really do not want to use a company the dumps waste illegally. This could be traced back to you and you would be responsible and incur a large fine.

Using a team will also save you time and potential harm and injury. Dealing with rubbish can be hazardous. This time can be a very tiring one and accidents happen when you are not thinking straight.

5 Searching – Finding the Hidden Treasure!

A reputable company can also help you with searching items. We have experience in discovering hidden items of value. We know where to look – where people “hide” things. You will be surprised what we have uncovered over the years. Items of great financial value, items of great emotional value, items of great historic interest and items you have just plainly overlooked in the fog of bereavement.

Jacks will help you at any time. We can do a preliminary walk through to help you start the process and then come back and do our search for items of value and finally dispose of the sorted unwanted items.

A Last Thought

If you are selling the property, be sure to acknowledge your last visit. Take time to absorb the moment and have a last look around. You may never be able to return to the property so do not miss the opportunity to have a last reflection.

Our Deceased Estate House Clearing Service

  • We do all the work and heavy lifting for you!
  • We search your property and retrieve items of value
  • We Recycle all that we can from the house contents
  • No risk of Rubbish Tipping
  • No expensive skip bin. All waste removal by truck
  • A fixed price for the whole job
  • Bulky Items no problem
  • Unwanted deceased estate Furniture removal
  • Old mattress removal
  • No mess left behind we clear up after every job
  • We are supportive, discreet, trusted, and get the job done as fast as we can
  • Property preparation for selling at auction
  • We clear inside and outside and garage clear-outs
  • 30 years of Industry Experience in deceased estate clearing
  • Fully Insured, Police Checked
  • Professional deceased estate rubbish removal
  • Accurate FREE quotes prepared by people who actually do the work.
  • 100% Verified 5 Star Google reviews

Deceased Estate House Clearing

If you have any questions about your deceased estate house clearing project please don’t hestitate to get in touch with our team. There is no obligation and we are happy to help in anyway we can. No question is a silly one and we can provide free advise as well as a free quotation no problem at all.

Jacks also has specialist teams for Hoarder Clear Ups and General Rubbish Removal services across Sydney and the Northern Beaches. We take items that a council cleanup will not dispose of. Our Hoarder team and vastly experienced in dealing with the problems and complexity of dealing with a hoarding problem. We work with integrity and a discreet and supportive professional manner.

We provide accurate free quotes on all our services. They are accurate because they are prepared by people who actually do the job. There are no hidden extras with a Jacks Quote. Get your Free Quote today!


Deceased Estate House Clearing – Deceased Estate Rubbish Removals.

Call 0403 385 312

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