Decluttering and Rubbish Removal

The amount of clutter in a home can be a real issue. It not only adds stress to your life, but it also affects your overall well-being. Decluttering can be one of the major ways to make your life less stressful, more workable and have a positive health impact.

When clutter reaches a high level, it can pose serious health hazards. It can create infestation and health related issues.  It can also cause potential falls, accidents and serious injury when access and moving around the home becomes more difficult.

If the amount of clutter becomes a problem then its important to address and eliminate clutter promptly. Moreover, excessive clutter may indicate a potential hoarding disorder, which requires specialized treatment and support.

The amount of items that need to be disposed of may be significant and more than you can deal with yourself. If this is the case then you will need a rubbish removal service to help you get rid of everything. You can get free advice and a free quotation without any obligation from our team.  We also have a lot of experience in dealing with hoarder issues where a more patient and supportive approach is required.

Whether you are just having a massive clear-out or decluttering because you a moving home get free advice and a quote from Jacks.

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How to start to declutter your home?

Decluttering your home can have a profound impact on your life. While it may be challenging and increase anxiety for some , others find it a more straightforward process to let go of belongings. Regardless, adopting an organized approach is key to successful decluttering. Having a trusted companion to assist in decision-making can also make the process more manageable and less overwhelming.

  • Plan and take your time. Breakup your whole declutter project into mini projects. This will make the process less daunting. One shelf at a time in a cupboard. I drawer at a time are great starting tasks. Once you complete a mini project – clear your mind and have a breather before even thinking about the next mini project. Don’t try and do a whole room in one go it can be demotivating and extremely tiring. If you have any anxiety issues about decluttering then smaller tasks will be better for dealing with the emotions involved and make the process a lot less stressful.
  • Be disciplined. Set aside a time in your day to do a mini project and keep to it. Make sure you complete the mini task. Being disciplined leads to motivation to complete the next mini project. Success breads success.
  • Each mini project should take no more than 15-20 minutes max to start with. Spending more time can be tiring, confusing and counter productive. If you get anxiety about decluttering then mini projects and shorter working times will help you manage your emotions and reduce fear and anxiety.
  • Teamwork. If the thought of decluttering is overwhelming get someone to help you. The shall I keep this questions can get resolved more easily and faster. You can get someone to work with you if the process seems easy. 

Keep, Give, Trash

 Start by sorting the items in to 3 piles/categories – Keep Give Trash

  • The Keep Pile should be things that you use on a regular basis, things that work and you will need or things that have very special attachment too. 
  • Deciding what to keep can be challenging. However a rule that can help is – if it hasn’t been used in the last 6 months its probably never going to be used.  With clothes, for example, some people use tricks like storing clothes inside out and if they remain that way for 3 months or so then you are probably never going to wear that item again. Things of special sentimental value you can put in a special box, but they need to be special, really special.
  • The Give pile can be offered to friends, family or donated to charity. No broken things of no value here. All Give items need to useful so family or friend will want them, you could sell them or you could donate them to charity
  • The Trash pile can be moved out of the space and out of mind. Easy things to trash  – items past sell by date or obsolete, broken things ( if you have things that are broken and you have not repaired them you never will. Time to trash it ), damaged or stained items, things you have never used, gifts you’ve never liked, old technology, things you have replaced but just store in the garage because you can’t or just haven’t got rid of.
  • Celebrate your successes. If you have completed your mini project reward yourself. Success and rewards are positive.

Ways to get rid of rubbish

  • Council Bins. For stuff you can easily put in your garbage bins from your mini projects
  • Council Bulk Waste Collection. A free but limited collection service that is useful for a proportion of your rubbish disposal. You will need to get everything to the kerbside collection point and abide by the criteria of the service. Each council has different criteria so you need to know what you can dispose of and how much
  • Give away or Donate items. Family or friend might love some items. Offer them first choice and then you can sell or donate to charity the remainder.
  • Sell items. Selling items that have a value is a great way to get some money back. Hold a garage sale or use Social Media to sell items. If you keep it local you can make pick people collect the items. You don’t really want to get into delivery or postage if you don’t have to. Keep it simple.
  • Recycle.  Each local tip has their own recycling terms and conditions. If you can you could drop them off yourself but make sure you know what’s recyclable.
  • Use a rubbish removal service for everything you can’t dispose of yourself. Good companies will do all the lifting, sort the rubbish for recycling and dispose of it responsibly at your local tip. They will also provide free quotes. Don’t pay for quoting.

Why you may need a professional rubbish removal service?

If you have a lot of rubbish or heavy bulky items

When you have decided and sorted what needs to be trashed then you might be left with a lot to get rid of and some heavy and awkward items too. If you think this is just too much for you then you will need a removal service.

Here are a few things you need to consider about disposal whether you use a service or do-it-yourself. When you have a lot to get rid of or items you can’t handle yourself then you will need help. Consider the following to see if you need a rubbish removal service:

Your current property and access. If you’re dealing with a property that has challenging access, such as a steep or long driveway, getting your rubbish to a kerbside pickup point can be an extremely hard if not impossible task. Not only is it physically demanding to handle heavy and awkward items, but it also poses the risk of strains, falls, and potential injuries. Why take on this burden yourself when professionals with the expertise, experience, and right equipment can handle heavy and difficult rubbish for you?

Council limitations can further complicate the rubbish disposal process. Each local council has its own set of limits and item restrictions, such as allowable volume limits, maximum length restrictions (e.g., 1.8m), requirements for whitegoods (with or without doors), and regulations on e-waste. Transporting your rubbish to the kerbside pickup point becomes even more challenging when you have to comply with these rules. A not significant amount of rubbish can exceed the allowed limit or involve items that are not permitted.

Type of Waste. Proper waste disposal involves sorting and categorizing the waste to enable recycling and responsible tip disposal, minimizing landfill impact and associated tipping fees. At our company, we have the necessary trucks to make this process feasible and efficient.

Suitability of skips as a disposal option. In most cases, we believe they are not the best choice for you. Filling and organizing a skip can be time-consuming and requires your active involvement. If your skip needs to be placed on the road, you might incur additional costs in the form of council and police traffic fees if there are parking restrictions. Moreover, if you encounter access issues such as a narrow or steep driveway, a skip might not be a viable solution at all. With skips, you are charged daily, and any delays will result in extra expenses.

It is also common for others to dump their waste in your skip, thus increasing the disposal costs and the potential need for multiple skips. At Jacks we operate trucks and utes, enabling us to remove rubbish promptly from almost any type of property and access issues. Finally, let’s not forget about local tip fees. When using a skip, all waste is mixed together and dumped in a landfill, leading to fees for the entire skip load without any recycling efforts. This is why we advise using skips primarily for building waste only.

Choosing a rubbish removal service?

How you choose a rubbish removal company is a subjective choice. However you should apply some objectivity to the matter

  • There is nothing like a personal recommendation from a valued source. Word of Mouth from a trusted person is going to be a great recommendation. It’s not fool proof but it’s a pretty strong validation for the service provided. Just be sure that the job was a similar size. A full scale project is not the same as removing a fridge and a small amount of fencing. Try and get a like for like recommendation as much as possible to be completely sure.
  • Length of industry experience is also a great testimonial as fly by night businesses aren’t around for long. A long service history usually indicates a decent company and a level of experience. You don’t last long in a competitive industry if you are not providing the goods!
  • Trust and Transparency.  Real testimonials from clients are good and length of service indicates trustworthiness but here are a few tips to determine a good company.
    • Always get more than 1 quote for your own peace of mind
    • Always get a written quote – especially for big jobs
    • Never feel bullied into agreeing or being persuaded. “We can do it now or in a month” “We don’t have time to do written quotes”. Be wary
    • Some companies are really interested in buying items from you. Ask yourself why? It may seem convenient but are you getting the right market value? We do not buy any items from customers as we see it as a conflict of interest. Our job is to clear rubbish not buy it.
    • There is no way a company can provide an accurate quote without either a site visit, asking access questions (driveway etc), or at least getting images of the items to be disposed of. If they do not want to do a site visit or ask any questions then anything they quote is nonsense and they will be raising the quote on the day. Remember you have no recourse on verbal quotes.

Tips finding legitimate companies

  • Try to be organised before you talk to any business. Know the items you want disposing of. If you think there are items of value then get them independently valued.
  • Tell them you are getting more quotes and will decide when you have all the quotes. If they try and side step the issue and start pressurising you in any way drop them immediately
  • In discussions show you are organised and say that all valuables have been independently valued (even if they haven’t). Or simply state you are not interested in selling any items. The dodgy companies will probably not be interested your job anymore if they see you are on top of everything.
  • Test if they are going to provide a written quote. Insist on one and see if thy remain interested. They should offer a fee inspection too. Be very wary if they don’t want to provide a written quote.
  • Ask questions. If they are evasive in any way that make you even slightly suspicious don’t engage them.
  • Don’t give them your address until you are happy and feel confident or they are going to do an inspection. You can give them your suburb that’s fine.

Beware of the bad apples in the industry who will typically avoid providing written quotations, resist free site inspections and show an over keen interest in buying from you.

Why use Jacks?

  • For over 30 years, we have taken immense pride in delivering exceptional service to the industry.
  • We have a vast loyal client base because we are fast, thorough and trustworthy.
  • As an Australian family owned and managed business, our commitment to excellence is second to none.
  • No skips – we use trucks and utes to move rubbish from pretty much any type of property.
  • By efficiently sorting and searching through the waste, we not only minimize tipping fees but also regularly find hidden valuables. We adopt the most environmentally responsible method of rubbish disposal.
  • After every job we do a thorough clearup leaving your property clean and tidy.
  • Written quotes are not a problem. We prefer them as they not only protect customers but protect us too.
  • Purchasing Items from you is a no no as it is a possible conflict of interest. We will always recommend you get the true value independently assessed.
  • Advise and quotes are free. But here’s the best part – you will always pay the agreed price if there are no variations to the agreed job specification. Any variation will have to be agreed.
  • While we take pride in taking away almost anything, please note that we do not handle hazardous waste or building materials. However, timber is welcome! Bricks, plaster, rubble, and asbestos are a no-go.
  • When it comes to hoarding rubbish removal, we have the experience you need. We understand the patience and support required for such situations. Additionally, we possess extensive expertise in clearing deceased estates. Trust us to handle these sensitive matters with utmost care and professionalism.
  • We serve most of Sydney and the southern Central Coast.

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