Downsizing and Rubbish Disposal

Whether you are downsizing because the family has now moved on or you need a smaller single story property now to make your life easier you will need to be getting rid of a significant amount of belongings.

Everything your currently own is not going to fit in your new space. You may need new or want new appliances. You maybe losing storage space in your garage and around the house. Certain pieces of furniture may not fit in size or style in the new home. You may decide that you want to invest in new kitchenware, technology and more.

An appraisal will be required to make sure you know what you are going to take with you and what you are not. You will need to declutter your existing home and dispose of the items you won’t be taking with you.

We can help you with disposing of your unwanted items and have provided some tips and advice below on how to declutter you house for your downsizing move.

The important thing is you need to plan and get nearest and dearest to help you in making the right decisions and maybe taking some of the items off you.

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How to start to downsizing and decluttering

Plan well ahead and start simply. It’s important to deal with the task in lots of mini tasks.

The first thing is to list the obvious things you don’t want to take or simply can’t take because they are too big, too old or not in keeping with the style of the new home. Don’t list things at this stage that are in the garage or in cupboards and are out of sight. Just list the things that are visible and you are using. Create the list for each room of the house. If you are computer savvy then create a spreadsheet or download our free sheet. The list is not just useful for you to plan but also it creates a list of what needs to be disposed of by a rubbish removal service if you need one. Killing two birds with one stone so to speak.

For more tips and info on decluttering read our page

Ways to get rid of your decluttered rubbish

Dispose of your waste responsibly with these easy options:

1. Council Bins: For small projects, make use of kerbside garbage bins.

2. Council Bulk Waste Collection: A free but limited service. Follow the criteria of your council and get your waste to the kerbside collection point.

3. Give away or Donate items: Share unwanted items with family or friends. Sell or donate the remaining items.

4. Sell items: Make some money by selling items of value. Host a garage sale or use social media for local sales.

5. Recycle: Each local tip has its own recycling terms. Properly dispose of recyclables or drop them off yourself.

6. Rubbish Removal Service: For items you can’t dispose of yourself, hire a reliable company. They will handle lifting, sorting, and responsible disposal. Request a free quote – no payment required for quoting.

Why you may need a professional rubbish removal service?

When you’ve finished sorting out what needs to be thrown away, you might be left with a lot to get rid of, including heavy and awkward items. If it feels like too much for you to handle, you’ll need a removal service.

Here are a few things to consider about disposal, whether you choose to use a service or do it yourself. .

Your current property and access. When a property has difficult access, such as a steep or long driveway, moving rubbish to a kerbside pickup point can be an extremely testing. Not only is it hard to handle heavy and awkward items, it can also be dangerous with risk of strains, falls, and potential long term injuries. Lots of stairs and narrow spaces can also be difficult. Professionals have the expertise, experience, and the right equipment to deal with the problems.

Council limitations Local authorities have their own limits and restrictions on certain items, such as volume limits, maximum length restrictions, requirements for whitegoods (with or without doors), and rules on e-waste and more. You will need to get everything to the kerbside pickup point yourself and you will probably have more than is allowed or items that will not be taken away too. Get to know your councils restrictions so you can the best out of the service.

Type of Waste. Proper waste disposal involves sorting and categorizing the waste to enable recycling and responsible tip disposal. This minimizes landfill impact and will save you money in tipping fees. At Jacks, we sort your rubbish into our trucks to make sure that clients pay as little as possible in fees and the waste is disposed of with environmental concern.

Suitability of skips as a disposal option. Filling and organizing a skip can be time-consuming and requires your participation. If your skip has to be placed on the road you can have additional costs from council. The police can also charge fess if your street has parking or clearway restrictions. You may not be able to even use skips if you have access issues like a narrow or steep driveway. Skips are hired by the day and any delays can be expensive. It’s not uncommon for others to dump their waste in your skip This will add to disposal costs especially if you need more skips.

At Jacks we operate trucks and utes, enabling us to remove rubbish promptly from almost any type of property and access issues. Finally, let’s not forget about local tip fees. When using a skip, all waste is mixed together and dumped in a landfill, leading to fees for the entire skip load without any recycling efforts. This is why we advise using skips primarily for building waste only.

Choosing a rubbish removal service?

A personal recommendation from a trusted source is invaluable. Word of mouth is a strong validation for the service provided, but make sure the recommended job was similar in size. Experience in the industry is also a great testimonial, as it indicates a decent company with expertise. Trust and transparency are key. Always get multiple quotes and insist on a written quote, especially for big jobs. Never feel pressured or bullied into agreeing. Some companies may try to buy items from you, but that can be a conflict of interest for us. Our focus is on clearing rubbish, not buying it. Be cautious of companies that provide quotes without a site visit or asking questions. Verbal quotes are unreliable. Remember, you have no recourse with verbal quotes.

Like any Industry the rubbish removal business has both the good and the bad. How you choose a rubbish removal company is a subjective choice. However you should apply some objectivity to the matter:

  • Personal recommendations from a trusted sources are invaluable. Word of mouth is a strong validation, but make sure, if you can, the recommendation is for a job that is similar in size. Removing a large amount of rubbish from a property with difficult access is not the same as picking up a fridge from the roadside.
  • Length of industry experience. A long service history usually indicates a decent company and a level of experience. You don’t last long in a competitive industry if you are not providing the goods!
  • Trust and Transparency.  You want a company that you can trust and is transparent about pricing and how it conducts business.
    • Get more than 1 quote for your own peace of mind
    • Ask for a written quote – especially for big jobs
    • Never feel bullied into agreeing. If you feel you are being harassed or pressured do not part with any money.
    • Some companies will seem overly interested in buying items from you. Ask yourself why? Get independent market value appraisals. We do not buy any items from customers as we see it as a conflict of interest. Our job is to clear rubbish not buy it.
    • A quote provided over the phone, especially for large jobs, without a site visit, asking access questions (driveway etc), or asking for images of the items to be disposed of can not be an accurate quote. If they do not want to do a site visit or ask any questions then anything they quote is nonsense and they will be raising prices on the day. Remember you have no recourse on verbal quotes.

Tips finding legitimate companies

  • Prepare before you contact the business. Know the items you want disposing of. If you think there are items of value then get them independently valued.
  • Make sure you let them know you will be getting more quotes and will only make a decision when you have all the quotes. If they start pressurising you in any way do not engage them.
  • Make sure you let them know that you have had your valuable items valued independently. Or simply state you are not interested in selling any items. Dubious companies will lose interest if they realise you are not gullible.
  • Be very wary if they don’t want to provide a written quote. Insist on one and see how they react. They should offer a fee inspection too. If they lose interest then you have found a dodgy business
  • If they are evasive in any way when answering your questions you should be suspicious and probably not engage them.
  • Don’t give them your address until you are happy and feel confident or they are going to do an inspection. You can give them your suburb that’s fine.

The bad apples will avoid providing written quotations, want to charge for site inspections and show an over keen interest in valuables they want to buy from you.

Why use Jacks?

  • For over 30 years, we have taken immense pride in delivering exceptional service to the industry.
  • We have a vast loyal client base because we are fast, thorough and trustworthy.
  • As an Australian family owned and managed business, our commitment to excellence is second to none.
  • No skips – we use trucks and utes to move rubbish from pretty much any type of property.
  • By efficiently sorting and searching through the waste, we not only minimize tipping fees but also regularly find hidden valuables. We adopt the most environmentally responsible method of rubbish disposal.
  • After every job we do a thorough clearup leaving your property clean and tidy.
  • Written quotes are not a problem. We prefer them as they not only protect customers but protect us too.
  • Purchasing Items from you is a no no as it is a possible conflict of interest. We will always recommend you get the true value independently assessed.
  • Advise and quotes are free. But here’s the best part – you will always pay the agreed price if there are no variations to the agreed job specification. Any variation will have to be agreed.
  • While we take pride in taking away almost anything, please note that we do not handle hazardous waste or building materials. However, timber is welcome! Bricks, plaster, rubble, and asbestos are a no-go.
  • When it comes to hoarding rubbish removal, we have the experience you need. We understand the patience and support required for such situations. Additionally, we possess extensive expertise in clearing deceased estates. Trust us to handle these sensitive matters with utmost care and professionalism.
  • We serve most of Sydney and the southern Central Coast.

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