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Jack’s general junk removal service is available across Sydney. We remove household junk and any other type of rubbish. From old appliances to garden waste to everyday household junk.

Our years of experience in this business is your guarantee that you get fast, friendly, and honest service that our clients have come to really appreciate.

If you have a residential or commercial space you want cleared out, let us be the one to do it for you. We are just a phone call away.

Of course, it would be embarrassing if you happen to host a bbq for your friends or neighbours, and they see the unsightly junk at your home. What may initially be a laughing matter can turn out to be a real hazard.

Household waste can be a breeding ground for cockroaches, flies, worms, and rats. Decaying matter from garden and kitchen waste can also release gases that smell nasty and are toxic to your lungs.

The only air you should be breathing in your home is clean, rejuvenating oxygen. Let us clean up all the rotting matter at your property so you can finally enjoy fresh air!

The sooner that you can get rid of piled up junk in your property, the better. The last thing you want to happen is for your small kids or grandkids to innocently play around and happen to get into contact with old and nasty stuff that are full of germs and bacteria!

If there is a hoarding issue and the home is totally in need of decluttering we have a specialist team that is fully experienced in dealing with hoarding properties.

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