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Jack’s junk pickup and removal service is available across Sydney. We remove household junk and any other type of rubbish decluttering your house. From old appliances, old funiture and garden waste to everyday household junk we will take it all and recycle what we can to lower your tipping fess.

You won’t need to do a thing. Unlike the council clean up collections we hand load our trucks so you can just leave things as they are and we’ll do all the lifting.

Junk Removal 7 days a week

Our years of experience in this business is your guarantee that you get a fast, friendly, and honest service that our clients have come to really appreciate. We pick up junk 7 days a week and dispose of it responsibly at your local waste resource centre.

If you have a residential or commercial space you want cleared out, let us be the one to do it for you. We are just a phone call away.

The hazards of a lot of junk.

Household waste can be a breeding ground for cockroaches, flies, worms, and rats. Decaying matter from garden and kitchen waste can also release gases that smell nasty and are toxic to your lungs.

The only air you should be breathing in your home is clean, rejuvenating fresh air. Let us clean up all the rotting matter at your property so you can finally enjoy breathing fresh air again!

The sooner you can get rid of piled up junk in your property, the better. The last thing you want to happen is for your small kids or grand-kids to innocently play around and happen to get into contact with old and nasty stuff that are full of germs and bacteria!

If there is a hoarding issue and the home is totally in need of decluttering we have a specialist team that is fully experienced in dealing with hoarding properties. Don’t keep leaving junk around the house and accumulating more. Start reclaiming your home.

Free quotations – no price gouging

At Jacks we offer free accurate quotations. We provide written quotes that protect you in any dispute and we are happy to provide them. If the job is is considered large then we will do a free onsite inspection so we can provide the most accurate quotation possible. We standby our quotations unless the job is no longer as quoted. This way there is no price hiking on the day as the written quote is what you will pay and no more. 

General Junk Removal Today.

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Our Junk Removal Service

  • Our team does all the work for you!
  • Everything is loaded onto our trucks for safe disposal
  • Free Quotation
  • We Recycle all that we possibly can
  • We search the junk for lost valuables and sentimental items
  • Junk is disposed of at official council tips
  • No maximum amount
  • Large Furniture and Bulky Items no problem
  • Old Mattress removal
  • White Goods Disposal – Fridges, Washing Machines…
  • No mess. We clear up after every job
  • Fixed upfront pricing for the whole job
  • We are discreet, trusted, and fast
  • 30 years of Industry Experience
  • Friendly team – Police checked.

Years of Industry Experience


Australian Family Owned and Managed


Cheaper than Skips

Of Happy Clients


Getting rid of junk can be a time consuming and exhausting process. Removing household junk can be about having a clean and safe place to live in or simply reclaiming space by decluttering the home.

Why do I need a Junk Removal service? (Click to Open/Close)

In a lot of cases junk removal is a tough job and extremely hard if you are doing it yourself. You can also easily injure yourself or not properly dispose of certain item cost effectively.

Large or unusual junk clearance projects are best done by professionals. We will take care of all the work for you and will use the specific equipment that is suited for the different conditions.

Local council rubbish clear up services may no take everything you need to clear. They are usually limited to 3 cubic metres of junk. Also they will not remove all types junk and so you will need a junk removal team to dispose of the items that are not allowed by the council.

When you use a junk removal company like Jacks then there are no limitations (apart from dangerous substances that are required by law to be disposed of in a particular manner). Our Team will load everything on to our trucks and dispose of the junk in the correct manner. We deal with everything – all the hard work onsite and the proper disposal offsite.

How much does Junk Removal service cost?

There are many factors that determine the cost of removing junk:

  • The amount of and the type of junk to be removed
  • How easy it is to access the property and load up the junk
  • The distance to the local tip effects time and transport costs
  • Your local tip fees and waste rates
  • If there are any dangerous items and need for specialist work

We always offer a Free Quote on all jobs. These are accurate as they are prepared by staff that actually do the work.

If you contact us and take some pictures of the rubbish you want to get rid of we can prepare a free quote for you.

Can I get a same day junk removal service?

We will do same day junk removal when we can. We can’t guarantee we can get the job scheduled on the same day you call us but we’ll always do our very best but sometimes it’s just not possible. Rest assured we will do it as soon as we can and as quickly as we can. What’s important is that your junk is removed successfully and disposed of properly and we guarantee that.

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