Hoarding Clearance for Sydney Homes

If your home or the home of a family member or friend has piles of rubbish inside or outside the house, we can clear this out with the minimum amount of fuss.

Don’t be worried, anxious, or embarrassed about it as you will be working with professionals. We have done small hoarding jobs and large jobs and are acutely aware of the sensitivity that these situations may sometimes cause.

We understand that there is a history and an underlying reason as to why a person decided to hoard loads of materials over the years.

If a hoarding individual calls us but is undecided on whether to let go of his accumulated things, what we do is we actually provide him/her several options on what can be done with their personal stuff.

We provide the person with relevant safety information on the things that pose minimal health risks if he/she decides to keep some of them.

We also advise the person on legal complications that could arise from stored materials which could cause concerns with the neighbours.

We then proceed to carefully explain to the person that there are a lot of health risks associated with aged materials – such as diseases to the respiratory system and development of allergies and skin diseases from the dust, molds, and decaying elements that get released into the surrounding area.

After conducting a joint audit of the hoarded objects with the potential client, we then provide the person with contact numbers to helpful organizations that deal with the hoarding condition. We understand that it can be a frustrating condition to have and if our client shares to us that his/her hoarding condition is a continuous stressful life event, then we would want proper treatment from medical professionals to be provided.

Ultimately, we’re not just in there to load stuff on our truck and leave. We genuinely want to build relationships with our clients and help them through our service. Through the removal of rubbish, we hope that we can also help our clients improve their overall health and wellbeing.

If the property is a deceased estate we can prepare the property for sale with a inspection level cleaning service

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