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Moving house can feel overwhelming. With so much to do in a limited time, it’s crucial to stay organized. One important aspect is handling the rubbish that accumulates during the process. You may be surprised to find that you’re discarding up to 50% of your belongings. And if you’re downsizing, that figure could be even higher. This exceeds the allowance for kerbside council pick up. Additionally, some items may be oversized and require a professional rubbish removal service for proper disposal.

When you move, it’s the perfect opportunity to declutter. Leave behind items you no longer need or use, such as old clothes, books, garage stuff, paperwork and more. You might even want to say goodbye to your old furniture and appliances, starting fresh in your new home with more suitable items for your new spaces.

At Jack’s Rubbish Removals, we understand the challenges of moving and decluttering. Our professional rubbish removal services in Sydney are here to assist you with efficient and responsible disposal of unwanted items. Whether it’s furniture, appliances, or general household junk, count on us to make your move easier and ensure your new home starts with a clean slate. Contact us now for reliable and hassle-free rubbish removal services in Sydney.

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Why you may need a professional rubbish removal service?

When you begin to ponder about all the things that you need and want to get rid of, it can be quite confusing. Your mind may be filled with countless questions. How on earth am I going to handle all this stuff? How do I properly dispose of it all? What will the local council accept? Should I consider hiring a skip? The truth is, you may be in need of some guidance, and here at Jack’s, we’re here to offer you free advice, no strings attached. Here are a few valuable insights for you:
  • Your current property and access. If you are on a slope with a steep and or long driveway then you may find it incredibly hard getting your rubbish to a kerbside pickup point. It can also be an injury risk as dealing with heavy, large and difficult items can cause strains, falls and potential serious injury. Professionals have the expertise and experience to deal with difficult rubbish plus the right equipment. You may even find this all too hard if you are on a flat property with easy kerbside access. The last thing you need is to put yourself “out of action” for any period of time while in the middle of moving home.
  • Council limitations. Your local council will have their own limits and item restrictions These can be things like 2-3 cubic meter allowable limits, 1.8m maximum length, whitegoods with the door removed, some may allow e-waste others wont. Each council will have their own rules. The thing is that you will have to get the rubbish to the kerbside pickup point yourself and in most cases a house move will have more than the allowed limit or items that are not permitted.
  • The type of waste. Disposing of waste responsibly and economically requires sorting and dividing the waste into categories. This facilitates recycling and proper tip disposal to minimise landfill and so minimise the tipping fees. We use trucks so this is achievable.
  • A skip may not be your best option? In our opinion, in most cases, it will not be the best option open to you. If your skip is on the road and also the road has various parking restrictions then you could be up for council and police traffic fees. Also if you have access issues – narrow driveway, steep driveway then a skip may not be viable at all. You will be charged by the day with skips and any delays will cost. Also it is quite common for people to dump their waste in your skip which will add to the costs of disposal and the number of skips you may need. We use trucks and utes so we can remove rubbish on the day from pretty much any type of property. Lastly is local tip fees. Your waste is not sorted in a skip – it is all mixed together and all be dumped as landfill. This means you will pay fees for the full skip load as nothing is recycled. Its for this reason we advise skips as great for building waste only.

Ways to get rid of rubbish?

There are a few ways to get rid of items you no longer need while moving houses. You should plan how to dispose of the waste to save you money.

  • Council Bulk Waste Collection. Your council has a limited collection service that is free and useful for a proportion of your rubbish disposal
  • Sell items. You can sell items that have a value in a garage sale on via Social Media. Keep it simple and local so you don’t have any delivery issue. Best get people to collect.
  • Give away or Donate items. Give away to friends and family or donate to a charity of your choice. As part of a rubbish removal project we can assist in getting your items to a local charity
  • Recycle.  Check on your local tip recycling terms and conditions. If you can you could drop them off yourself. Again as part of our service we will automatically sort the items into what can be recycled so we minimise tipping fees
  • Use a rubbish removal service that will do all the lifting, sort the rubbish and dispose of it responsibly at your local tip.

How to choose a rubbish removal service?

How you choose a rubbish removal company is a subjective choice. However you should apply some objectivity to the matter

  • There is nothing like a personal recommendation from a valued source. Word of Mouth from a trusted person is going to be a great recommendation. It’s not fool proof but it’s a pretty strong validation for the service provided. Just be sure that the job was a similar size. A full scale project is not the same as removing a fridge and a small amount of fencing. Try and get a like for like recommendation as much as possible to be completely sure.
  • Length of industry experience is also a great testimonial as fly by night businesses aren’t around for long. A long service history usually indicates a decent company and a level of experience. You don’t last long in a competitive industry if you are not providing the goods!
  • Trust and Transparency.  Real testimonials from clients are good and length of service indicates trustworthiness but here are a few tips to determine a good company.
    • Always get more than 1 quote if you are at all unsure
    • Always get a written quote – especially for big jobs
    • Never feel bullied into agreeing or persuaded. “oh we are round the corner and can come now” Be wary
    • Some companies are highly interested in buying items from you. Ask yourself why? It may seem convenient but are you getting the right market value? We do not buy any items from customers as we see it as a conflict of interest.
    • There is no way a company can provide an accurate quote without either a site visit, asking access questions (driveway etc), or at least  images of the items to be disposed of and any access issues. If they do not want to do a site visit or ask any questions then anything they quote is nonsense. Remember you have no recourse on verbal quotes.

Tips on dealing with companies

  • Be organised before you talk to any business. Know what your are disposing of. If you think there are items of value then get them valued.
  • In talking to them show you are organised and know the value of the goods. Tell them all valuables have been independently valued even if they haven’t. Or you are not interested in any circumstances of selling any items to them. The companies that want to make money out of you will not be interested in the job once they know you are on top of everything.
  • Insist on a written quote and see if they are interested in providing one. If they are truly legitimate they will agree and ask to perform a free site inspection to provide a written quote.
  • Ask questions. If you ask what’s what and show you know what you need then only the real companies will be interested.

Hopefully you can weed out the dodgy companies. The industry has bad apples and they will normally never provide written quotations so that is a good starting point.

Why use Jacks?

  • We take pride in providing trusted service to the industry for over 30 years
  • The company is an Australian family owned and managed business
  • No skips – trucks and utes are our preferred transport method
  • Our work is fast and thorough. We search your rubbish for hidden valuables
  • By efficiently sorting the waste we minimise tipping fees and provide the most environmentally responsible method of disposal
  • Your property will be left clear of all junk as we clearup after every job.
  • We prefer to provide written quotes as they not only protect customers but protect us too.
  • Items of value will never be purchased from you by us. We will always recommend you get the true value independently assessed.
  • Advise and quotes are free. You will always pay the agreed price if the job has no variations to the agreed job specification. Any variation will have to be agreed
  • We will take pretty much anything apart from hazardous waste and building materials. Timber is ok but bricks, plaster, rubble, asbestos no.
  • Jacks are experienced in dealing with hoarding rubbish removal. We understand the patience and support required. We also have vast deceased estate clearing expertise

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