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We provide cleanup services for office and commercial spaces. Old office equipment and other unwanted items can be cleared easily with our help. All these items are handled and disposed of properly. We strictly adhere to environment-friendly practices.

It’s always a busy day at the office and of course the janitor in charge of cleaning your building cannot be expected to load all of the unusable office equipment in a truck and drive to the local tip. That’s where we come in.

If you have coughing printers, cranky swivel chairs, creaking tables, dinosaur-age computers – you name it! We will do the job of transporting all of these unproductive equipment to the local tip.

It literally takes just one call and in a matter of 3 hours within the same day, all of the ugly stuff stored in your office can be loaded in our truck and you can spend the rest of your workday with your colleagues enjoying your newly opened up, uncluttered space and making plans on how you want your workspaces to get a new design. With a freed up office space, expect the mood of your colleagues to improve and your work productivity increase!

Additionally, it is also conducive for your health to get rid of old office equipment. Old models of electronic appliances can actually contain toxic metals such as mercury which can cause diseases if people are regularly exposed to them. If your office has no open ventilation and is reliant on air-conditioning, then all the more that you need your old equipment out because toxins, dusts, and moulds from them will circulate in your office and cause infections among employees!

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