Skip or Truck Rubbish Removal Services?


Why we don’t use Skips for Rubbish Removal

If you have to remove a mixture of brick, sand and soil then skips are very useful for this type of construction rubbish. They can take vast weights and are simple to dispose of if the waste is say just building junk. For more general mixed waste removal, skips become problematic. For solely building waste we would recommend you use a reputable skip rubbish removals company.

There are multiple reasons why, in our opinion, skips are just not a practical solution for rubbish removal.

1 Property Access
2 Mixed Waste Disposal Costly
3 Amount of Work
4 Dumping in your skip – costs you money
5 Permits for use on road – Extra Cost
6 What can not be taken – Paint, Hazardous products…
7 Neighbourly relations

Property Access

Across the whole Sydney area vast amounts of properties have long steep driveways that make the use of a skip well-nigh impossible. Skip trucks find it extremely difficult navigating these driveways and add a bit of rain and you can forget it. But driveways is not necessarily the only issue. Steep narrow roads, rough terrain, clearway roads and parking restrictions all hinder skip usage. Also it is not unheard of for skips to cause damage to driveways and lawns.

Mixed Waste

If you want to get rid of mixed types of junk then with a skip it will all end up in Landfill at the most expensive tipping fees. Skip companies do not sort your waste. They will not go through your skip contents to find items that are recyclable. It will all get dumped in Landfill. The amount of waste disposed in landfill is a huge problem

Amount Of Work

You or hired hands ( costly) will be doing all the work. You will be lugging all the waste to the skip. If that’s up the driveway then its going to be extremely hard, potentially dangerous and time consuming work. If you are not in the best of health the risk of injury or worse is quite high. Handling large, bulky and heavy items is an acquired skill.


If your skip is visible and accessible to the general public then you wont be surprised to find items dumped into your skip. This will cost you as it fills your skip up and you pay for tipping by the weight. If there is a lot of this then you may need another empty skip to get rid of your own rubbish


Councils may require permits for skips that are placed on council land. There is a cost to you and you need to apply to council. The council can fine you if you don’t have the permit. On major roads you may also require approval from the NSW Police and the RTA and advice the Police Traffic Branch.

What Can be taken

Skip Companies have restrictions on the type of waste they will take typically: asbestos, fibro, paints, hazardous materials, food, liquid or chemical waste, batteries, mattresses or any other contaminated waste. You are responsible for what is in the skip so if a neighbour or other has dumped restricted items in your skip then it is your responsibility.

Neighbourly Relations

The site of a skip can cause your once amicable relationship with neighbour to sour quite quickly. Some people are just fussy and awkward to deal with and they complain but then, to rub salt in the wound, dump stuff in your skip too! If you know your neighbour’s personality best to smooth over the process before you start. At least if they agree beforehand then half the battle is one.

Daily Rates – Cost of Delays

You may think you can do your rubbish removal quickly but filling up a skip always takes longer than you think. 1 day can creep into 3 or more because of the weather, it just takes longer to move the rubbish than you thought, you slightly injured yourself, you hadn’t organised all the rubbish before the skip arrived, help didn’t arrive on time or at all. Any delay costs you.

Why we use Utes and Trucks

Property Access

With Utes ferrying waste to the main truck any type of property is accessible. Utes can go up driveways, over rough terrain making it possible to remove rubbish from pretty much anywhere.

Responsible Waste Disposal

We sort and load our trucks by rubbish type. This makes it easy to dispose of at the tip and makes it cost effective to our clients. By recycling items we minimise the amount that goes into landfill which is the costliest type of disposal. Organising how our trucks are loaded makes it easier and quicker to dispose of rubbish responsibly.


You don’t have to lift a finger!. We will move all the required junk and load the trucks. Our experience means we get this done smoothly and efficiently. We have moved bulky heavy objects with difficult access thousands of times and know how to do it. We don’t want to risk injury and the resulting loss of work so we know the best way to solve the problems. Plus we have been doing it for over 30 Years! Also you don’t have to get any permission from council or permits so there’s no bureaucracy involved.

What we take

As mentioned we do recommend for building rubbish that you use a skip service. Apart from that we will take anything that is legal.

Whole Job Rate Costing

We price by the whole job when we are allowed to do a site inspection to raise an accurate quotation. There are many variables to costing a job – the amount of junk, the type of junk, the access problems, the location, the type of property ( 5th floor apartment or flat bungalow site ) and more. In some cases we maybe able to quote from photos but we reserve the right to alter the quote if there are unforeseen access issues, the amount and type of rubbish has changed or anything else that can effect the time taken to complete the job. It is always better to get a proper written quote for the job for your own protection, we can accurately assess the whole project and so you know upfront what the costs are.

Privacy and Security

A lot of the time passers by and Neighbours have no inkling anything is going on. There is no overnight visibility of rubbish removal happening as no vehicle will be left at your property. We load quickly so the actual time we are seen is kept to a minimum.


Contact us and we can give you free advice with out any obligation. We are also specialists in Deceased Estate and Hoarding Rubbish Removal. We can also help with downsizing, decluttering and moving house rubbish disposal.

How We Work


We love loyal customers. To that end we work transparently to gain trust.

Site Inspections

We prefer and recommend doing onsite inspections to provide accurate quotes – we assess your access, the type of rubbish, the distance to your local tip and its tipping rates, your location and any onsite issues we discover. It is very hard to accurately quote a job without an onsite inspection.

Free Quotes

Our quotes are our price unless the situation has changed since the inspection. If the job remains as quoted, our quote is the price for the whole job and you have a written quote as your protection. If a company will not provide a written quote be careful. Our quotes are genuine quotes.


We will not buy valuable items from clients as this is a conflict of interest. We advice that anything you think has real value you get independently valued before you sell to anyone. Be careful. A Rubbish Removal Service is just that- it is not a valuation business. Protect the value of your items by getting independent valuation and advice.

Fast – Reliable – Clean

We pride ourselves on being fast, reliable and clean. We clean up after every job leaving your property spotless. 30 years of industry experience has taught us to be the best we can.


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