Australia’s Waste Facts that Millenials Should Know

Clothing Waste Statistics

  1. Every 10 minutes in Australia, six thousand kilograms of garments are tossed out and go directly to landfill
  2. Each hour, 36,000 kilograms of garments are tossed out.
  3. It can take 2,700 litres of water to deliver the cotton required for just 1 shirt.
  4. 3/4 of Australian grown-ups (75%) have discarded garments at some time in the previous year
  5. three out of ten (30%) have discarded greater than 10 pieces of clothes in the previous year.
  6. 24% of grown-ups have discarded  a clothing after wearing it for just a single time.
  7. In 2016, it was recorded that one out of six (16%) adults have discarded at least three pieces of clothing that they’ve worn for just a single time.
  8. Thirty-eight percent of millennials have bought 50% or more of their clothes in the past year.

Bottles and Cans

  1. Each year, Australians use 17 billion cans and bottles for soft drinks and water but not even half of these get recycled.
  2. Every minute, 15000 bottles and cans are discarded by Australians.
  3. Each day, Australians 21.6 million bottles and cans – more than enough to cover the distance across Australia!
  4. It takes 4 centuries before plastic disintegrates in water. And even when it does, it still turns into small pieces that cause harm to the marine ecosystem
  5. Glass is an endlessly recyclable material.
  6. Only a little more than just half (56%) of glass that Australians use are recycled.
  7. How long do you think it takes for a gigantic bag to get filled with bottles from the Yarra river? 15 days? 15 hours? Nope. 15 minutes!

Plastic Waste at Sea

  1. Australians produce 660,000 tonnes of plastic garbage each year.
  2. 85% of delicate plastics from bags and packings winds up in landfill.
  3. How long do you think it takes for 1 TONNE of plastic waste to be produced by all of Australia’s households? Several months? Several Weeks? Several Days? Nope. It only takes 60 SECONDS!
  4. In just a day, Australians generate so much plastic waste that the amount can occupy a whole beach.
  5. How much household plastic rubbish in Australia do you think gets recycled? The answer is only just 20%. Did you guess right?
  6. Each week, people on earth could be digesting a total of 5g of tiny plastic materials. A credit card has the same weight.
  7. Five to thirteen million tonnes of plastic end up in oceans worldwide, and are tragically digested by fish, birds, and other sea creatures.
  8. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the earth’s oceans.
  9. Turtles and other organisms at sea think that the tons of plastic waste that end up in their environment are food. A lot of them sadly ingest these plastic rubbish which damage their internal organs and cause their death.
  10. Each year in Australia, 118,000 tonnes of plastic drink bottles are purchased. This equals 1 BILLION pieces of plastic bottles.
  11.  Single-use plastic plastic bags are produced worldwide at a very rapid rate of 9 million units per minute.

Plastic Bottles

  1. In recent years, 1 million plastic bottles have been purchased worldwide every 60 seconds. The number is expected to increase by 20% this 2021.
  2. Each minute that passes, 1 million plastic drinking bottles are created around the world. So in just 1 minute 60 million plastic bottles are made!
  3. 90% of plastic bottles are not recycled.
  4. Tiny plastic fibers from the industrial processing of bottled water are the reason for biggest source of plastic ingestion among humans.
  5. Tap water actually contains more essential minerals than bottled water, including calcium and magnesium which is important for bone growth and repair.

Mobile Phones

  1. There are more than 16 million mobile phones carried by Australians in their hands or bags. More than 23 million unused mobile phones are lying around in our homes.
  2. On the average, five million new phones are purchased in Australia every year.
  3. There are around 25 million unused mobile phones in Australia – this number is about the same as our total population!
  4. Mobile phones contain useable metals like aluminum and gold so the 25 million phones in Australia that are just gathering dust inside drawers have to be sent to recycling centres.
  5. Pound for pound, 1 tonne of mobile phones contains 63% more gold than 1 tonne of ore. Have your old, unused mobile phones recycled now!
  6. If all the gold in the 25 million unused phones in Australia are extracted, we would have 750 kilograms of gold that don’t have to be mined. If silver were to be extracted from those phones, we would gain a whopping 7500 kilograms! These minerals can then be used in various industries.

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